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Download dueling book deck. Good for testing hands and combos! (1/30/19) Duelingbook has added a Speed Duel format! In Speed Duels, your deck contains cards, and you can use a special skill throughout that game. (11/19/18) You can now create your own custom cards to use in duels!.

YGOPRODeck, your ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh! Database and Deck Share Site. Features a Deck Builder, Price Checker and hundreds of Yu-Gi-Oh! decks!

We also host the most comprehensive Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Database available. For all things Yu-Gi-Oh!, check out kqgd.xn----7sbbrk9aejomh.xn--p1ai Are there any deck profiles for 6Sam that basically say no when the opponent plays a hand trap to stop combos/tries to destroy Gateway while still fulfilling its core functions?This is for a mostly casual setting, where everyone I play with always plays a lot of disruption spells and combo interruptions.

23 comments. share. save. hide. report. Posted by 6 days ago. Question about Link. The Duel Links Meta website is currently supported by advertisements. You can remove the ads and support us directly by becoming a DLM Pro member. DLM Pro members will also gain access to exclusive features. Join the Discord server (full access is not needed and is not granted by becoming a DLM Pro member).; Visit our Patreon page and subscribe with your Discord name for $1/month.

Both players will use the same deck, Duel Monsters. The deck consists of Normal Monsters, Spell Cards and Trap Cards. It’s full of weak monsters that you need to tribute, power-up or remove with traps. It’s a throwback to the very early days of Yu-Gi-Oh! and most games will come down to 1v1 monster battles. The goal of this deck is to utilize astrograph sorcerer, chronograph sorcerer, and the likes of the magicians (Wisdom-Eye, Black Fang, Purple Poison, Oafdragon, and Harmonizing) to summon monsters for the LINK Summon of Heavymetalfoes Electrumite (up to 3x on the first turn) --> and to abuse Electrumite to fill the Extra Deck with cards that allow you to make more Electrumites/loop more cards.

Speed Dueling features 4 basic card types: Monster Cards, Spell Cards, Trap Cards and Skill Cards. The goal is to Summon powerful monsters, power them up with Spell or Trap Cards, and battle your opponent. Skill Cards let you become your favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! character, and give you special abilities to use in your Duels! Both players start with 4, Life Points.

Reduce your opponent’s Life. christmas deck. doll, otk fun/casual decks. december 25th by treven. merry christmas everyone! hope your all doing well and that your having a great christmas happy holidays and a happy new year hope you all got nice gifts and that your having fun this year with your family’s.

Now that Dueling Book allows for custom cards, I was wondering what people are expecting in terms of original themes and fan-made legacy support. Also, here's a little challenge to go along with this: Take your favorite trash tier deck and make up to 3 support cards that both help the deck and not be too broken given the deck that the support is in.

14 comments. share. save. hide. report. Top 9 deck i use on Dueling network. Top 9 deck i use on Dueling network (DN ACC._.) Quote: 1 Machina Gadgets 19 monsters 3 Green Gadget 3 Machina Fortress 3 Machina Gearframe 3 Red Gadget 3 Yellow Gadget 1 grandsoil 3 goldfish tinplate 12 spells 1 Dark Hole 2 Double Summon 1 Heavy Storm 1 Limiter Removal 1 Monster Reborn 3 Night Beam 2 iron call 1 Pot of.

You can now Speed Duel on Dueling Book. Under Deck Construction, More Options, Custom, there is an option to show Speed Duel legal cards. (There's also an option for Goat Format cards). Once you make your deck, under Duel Room the option for Speed Duel is on the far right.

When you host a duel or join a duel it'll ask you what skill you want to use. Currently it's just Unrated, but I. Another deck from kqgd.xn----7sbbrk9aejomh.xn--p1ai they have all the decks you could want. Main Deck Total (41) Monsters (19) x2 Chonomaly Golden Jet x3 Cyber Dragon x3 Cyber Dragon Core x3 Cyber Dragon Drei x3 Galaxy Soldier x1 Gameciel Press J to jump to the feed.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 5 [R/F] Cyber Dragon Deck for Casual/Dueling Book Play. Close. 5. Posted by. 3 years ago.

Archived [R/F] Cyber. Dueling Book || Let's Make Custom Yu-Gi-Oh! CardsLink To Our Patreon:kqgd.xn----7sbbrk9aejomh.xn--p1ai To Our Amino:kqgd.xn----7sbbrk9aejomh.xn--p1ai Magic The Gathering MTG-GS1-EN Global Series Jiang Yanggu and Mu Yanling Duel Decks. out of 5 stars $ $ Get it as soon as Tue, Dec FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. More Buying Choices $ (17 used & new offers) Ages: 3 years and up.

Magic the Gathering Duel Decks: Elves Vs Inventors. out of 5 stars $ $ Get it as soon as. The greatest dueling simulator on earth. Skip to content. Quick links. Ban/Freeze Appeal; Report Abuse; Forum Rules; Logout; Home; Last visit was: Fri pm. It is currently Fri pm. This board has no forums. Reputation Toplist. Most popular members: Genexwrecker (), Yang Xiao Long (), Monarch Snow (), Debt (95), Lost in Illusions (94) Who is online. In. I hate dueling book. Clunky, browser based. Never will I not be caught in YGOpro Percy.

Automated can make you a little dumber, so just make sure to stay sharp on rulings but God, I can't stand dueling on book. Dueling Book Deletors Deck Sign in to follow this. Followers 2. Dueling Book Deletors Deck Spinny January 8, 5 in Decks. deletors; public; duelingbook; Recommended Posts. Spinny 9 Spinny 9 c: Members; 9 12 posts; Awards. Awards. Awards. Posted January 8.

Meta Data - Last 7 Days. Data reset from December for new format. Data from online Duelingbook Ranked Matches and Singles. Match Decks; Match Cards. dueling book decks. You can, however, influence his decision with a roulette-like game that scrolls through the attributes; click the Choose button when it's pointing at the option above the one you would like for the best chance to select kqgd.xn----7sbbrk9aejomh.xn--p1ai Hard mode, losing a hand will give Zenco full control over which attribute to choose.

Ban/Freeze Appeal; Report Abuse; Forum Rules; Logout; Home x3. Probaremos como nos va en Dueling Book con un deck ABC,si quieren ver mas duelos dejen su buen like. Ranked mode is a competitive dueling mode designed to match you with opponents who are at a similar skill level.

Winning duels increases your rating, if you keep winning you will be placed in higher leagues and matched against stronger opponents. There are 7 different leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster. Duelingbook will have everything, plus a whole lot more that DN had.

Here is its Import Deck feature which we think will be quite popular. #Yugioh. which'll show why we've got a 'been through this, pre-exarion = standard goat format' mentality on this. the point of this really is that when people refer to goat, they refer mostly to goat format YCS's etc in which exarion/CRV weren't legal - not some cyber twin otk decks etc.

which can still be played, but isn't really standard 'goats'. Dueling "C" Greetings from Singapore's OCG metagame.

Sunday, 5 March Decks to go for in Post-Link Summoning Format Hey there once again MyPochi here, now featuring top decks I think will be rather successful for the LINK Format.

Post Master Rule 4 is gonna be a big thing now. Plenty of players are already posting their thoughts and speculations on their various platforms. Today, we do. Download Dueling Network for free. Play On Dueling Network Without Browser, and play it without lag! Benefits: Game is in sizable/Full screen mode so you can resize the window in whatever size you want and you can go full screen.

Its in HD resolution. Speed Duel Starter Decks: Ultimate Predators is a set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the 3rd set of Decks in the TCG's Speed Duel Starter Decks series, following Speed Duel Starter Decks: Destiny Masters and Speed Duel Starter Decks: Duelists of Tomorrow. Each Speed Duel Starter Decks: Ultimate Predators contains: 1 Card Rex Raptor Deck 1 Card Weevil Underwood Deck 4. Duelingbook.

6, likes 18 talking about this. The greatest dueling simulator on Earth. Duelingbook. 6, likes 23 talking about this. The greatest dueling simulator on Earth. Das Starter Deck: Kaiba Reloaded ist eine moderne Neuauflage des originalen Dueling Legend's Starter Deck! Inhalt: 49 Common Karten, 1 Ultimate Rare Karte 1 Einsteigeranleitung 1 Duellführer & 1 Spielunterlage.

Kaiba Reloaded Karten Highlights: Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Mystischer Jinn, der Lampe Vorse-Plünderer, Klingenritter Feindkontrolle ; Ebenfalls enthalten sind bekannte Karten, wie.

Dueling Network (commonly abbreviated DN) players were able to access the Duel Room, construct Decks, check players' rankings and profiles, edit their own profiles and change their account passwords. The game was intended to be a simulation of the real-life card game and as such, was set to be played manually with little in-game automation.

It followed official Konami policy as closely as Developer(s): Christopher Salvarani. Unsere Redaktion wünscht Ihnen zuhause schon jetzt eine Menge Spaß mit Ihrem Harry potter hogwarts battle dueling club!Sollten Sie Anregungen besitzen, schreiben Sie uns doch gerne! Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle and Sticker Book: Lights Up! (RP Minis) Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle and Sticker Book: Lights Up! (Miniature Editions) Kit includes: 4 x 3-inch molded collectible replica of the.

Dueling Network Meklord Deck. Harvie Aaden. Follow. 6 years ago | 2 views. Dueling Network Meklord Deck. Report.

Browse more videos. Playing next. Yugioh Dueling Network: Meklord Machina Deck vs Dragon Warrior Deck. Donell Bunk. When this card is activated: Look at the top 3 cards of your Deck, then you can reveal 1 "Dark Magician" or 1 Spell/Trap Card that specifically lists the card "Dark Magician", among them, and add it to your hand, also place the remaining cards on top of your Deck in any order. If "Dark Magician" is Normal or Special Summoned to your field (except during the Damage Step): You can target 1 card.

When this card is Normal Summoned: You can add 1 Level 1 LIGHT Tuner monster from your Deck to your hand, except "Sage with Eyes of Blue". You can discard this card, then target 1 Effect Monster you control; send it to the Graveyard, and if you do, Special Summon 1 "Blue-Eyes" monster from your Deck. You can only use this effect of "Sage with. Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle and Sticker Book: Lights Up! (Miniature Editions) Kit includes: 4 x 3-inch molded collectible replica of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; with flickering light feature; page sticker book with 8 Hogwarts-related full-color photographs from the Harry Potter films; Dispatched same day from the UK.

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